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The Abrolhos Islands and their surrounding coral reef communities form one of Western Australia's unique marine areas.

The 122 islands lie 60 kilometres west of Geraldton on Western Australia’s mid-west coast. They are clustered into three main groups –   Wallabi, Easter and Pelsaert – and spread from north to south across 100 kilometres of ocean. The islands and their surrounding reef communities are a meeting place for tropical and temperate sea life, forming one of the State’s unique marine areas. The Abrolhos Islands are an A-Class Reserve managed by the Department of Fisheries for the conservation of flora and fauna, for tourism, and for purposes associated with fishing and aquaculture industries. 

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We are a Geraldton based WA Quality Tourism Accredited Business. We specialise in fishing, crayfish tours and eco tourism charters offering a unique and unforgettable ocean experience.

Having worked in the local marine industry for over 25 years, we know all the right spots to go ensuring we put you on the fish, enjoy an eco-tour to the Abrolhos Islands or get a feed of crayfish. Our company's policy on refunds or returns is completely discretional, meaning there is no legal obligation to offer

refunds or returns.



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Snorkeling  Tours

The unique coral reef formations and spectacular coral gardens provide some magnificent free diving and snorkelling .


Abrohlos Day Excursions

Abrohlos Islands await.

Choose to go for an

eco-tour or for fishing and diving!

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Cray Fishing Tours


We set and pull the pots and you keep the catch.

No crayfish licence required.


Coastal Day Charters

Day fishing charters.

Bait, tackle and bottle water supplied.

Keep what you catch!


Whale Watching is great!

Seasonal whale watching.

Come on board and watch these mighty creatures breach the surface !


Geraldton Harbour Cruise

Choose day or night

Come and see Geraldton from a different point of view.

The Abrolhos Islands is a diving experience

The waters surrounding the islands have special status as a Fish Habitat Protection Area for the conservation of fish, fish breeding areas and associated aquatic ecosystem, and are popular for aquatic tourism and recreational activities. The Abrolhos lie in the stream of the southward-flowing Leeuwin Current, which funnels warm, low-nutrient, tropical water along the edge of the continental shelf, from the north of the State down the Western Australian coast. The current carries a cargo of larvae, eggs and juveniles of many species of corals and other marine life far south of their usual range.


At Offshore Charters WA your safety is our priority.  All trips and or charters are at the skippers discretion. A likely cause of cancellation is due to weather events ie  wind and swell not allowing us to head out.

Please be advised that there will be a cancellation fee when booking through this site. This includes if you book an INCORRECT tour.

In the event of a passenger causing self-injury,

rendering incapacity to continue the charter will be

cancelled immediately. Our normal refund policy will apply.


For other enquiries please contact us today on:

0428 531 231

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